Darsonvalization is a procedure designed to improve blood circulation, enhance lymph flow, improve skin tone of the face and scalp, improve metabolism in the tissues and improve skin permeability due to high frequency alternating current pulse. These effects are used when applying various medications to the skin of the face and head.
The use of darsonvalization before applying medicinal formulas to the scalp stimulates the rapid absorption of nutrients and hair growth factors into the scalp and hair follicles. Darsonvalization, due to the vasodilating effect, restores impaired blood circulation in the affected area and improves metabolism in the scalp. As a result, cellular metabolism in the hair follicles is restored.
Darsonvalization of the scalp is used to prevent dandruff, oily seborrhea, and alopecia in its initial stages.

Facial darsonvalization is prescribed in the presence of fine expression wrinkles, dull, earthy complexion, decreased the tone of the facial muscles and acne. It is also used to prevent the appearance of the rash on the face after cleansing and removing the redness of the skin after various cosmetic manipulations with the face.