Lipolityc Mesotherapeutic Mixes

The introduction of lipolityc mesotherapeutic mixes into problem areas helps fight cellulite and fat deposits in the stomach area, hips, back, buttocks, arms, forearm and double chin. Lipolytics are intended for local lipolysis of obesity, help improve the circulatory system, speed up metabolism, and restore the relief and appearance of the skin.

There is a wide range of lipolytic cocktails with varying characteristics. We use innovative medications, which operate on the basis of combining the mechanisms of action of direct and indirect lipolitycs. Side effects of the hyperexudation and itching are offset by the uniquely designed and balanced formulations.

Injecting lipolytic complexes into problem areas accelerates the splitting of fat cells, improving the immune function of the skin. This tightens the skin and muscles, improving skin tone and lifting of the skin and efficiently removing the decay product from the tissues.

Another promising area is the introduction of mesotherapeutic formulas into intimate areas. Vulvovaginal atrophy commonly occurs in women, mainly due to hormonal changes. It is accompanied by vulvovaginal weakness and atrophy of the vaginal mucosa at different stages of life, such as the period of menopause, after pregnancy or after undergoing endocrine therapy. This condition impacts upon quality of life, sexual desire and self-confidence. Recently, a new minimally invasive product has been launched containing hyaluronic acid, oligopeptides and antioxidants. The unique composition of this drug allows for vulvovaginal biostimulation in a safe and effective way.

Mesotherapy and plasmolifting are designed to solve the same problems - the only difference being that mesotherapy uses vitamin-mineral and lipolytic complexes, while plasmolifting uses autoplasma saturated with platelets. Mesotherapy is regarded as a more simplified procedure as it uses ready-made products, and therefore, in terms of price, it is considered more accessible than plasmolifting.
The advantages of plasmolifting include a reduced risk of adverse allergic reactions and intolerance to drugs, as authentic biological material is applied.